Saturday, April 9th: Vulturetown Arts presents Superhuman Happiness, Dr. Martino, The Foresters, and Johnny Mainstream at 750 Main

On Saturday, April 9, 2016 Vulturetown Arts will present Superhuman Happiness from NYC, along with Willimantic's Dr. Martino, The Foresters (exciting trio of teen brothers), and the indie/americana sounds of Johnny Mainstream at 750 Main right here in good old Willimantic, USA

Doors open at 7pm.

$7.00 advance tickets ($8.24 after service fee) are available online now at:

$7.00 advance tickets (cash only - with no service fee) will be available at Willimantic Records.

This is an all-ages show.

Cafemantic will have a small bar set up for those 21+ who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages.

"Superhuman Happiness are one of those entities whose profound beauty and/or genius is matched by how maddeningly difficult it is to characterize them as an entity in the first place. The project, led by writer/arranger/player Stuart Bogie known for his work with the likes of Arcade Fire, David Byrne, TV on the Radio, and Antibalas write hyper-dancey, but super heady pop music largely revolving around the postmodern condition and the role high technology plays in governing the human experience. However, they have also regularly appeared as the soundtrack to multimedia works and as various improvisational projects that have included a plethora of recent historys most impressive musicians... Superhuman Happiness second full-length LP, 'Escape Velocity' boasts a ridiculously epic, yet concise, brand of dance rock, reminiscent of both the 80s funkiest intellectuals and the most poignantly snarky electropop of the past decade and a half." - PhillyMag

"Dr. Martino released Big Day EP in August of 2014 as a trio, which featured a familiarly eclectic array of styles, ranging from the mischievous punk tune 'Hollywood Coprophagia' to the vintage rock ballad 'Some Kind of Kneelin.' The EP was recorded by Matt Baltrucki at the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut. described Big Day EP as 'super up-beat party rock at its finest.' According to The Day, Connecticut, Dr. Martino spew forth clever three-minute bursts of party-happy tuneage that will rouse you from your noontime, gotta-go-back-to-work doldrum.'" - 

"The Foresters (on the Dord Music Group label) consist of the three Nork brothers from Bethany Connecticut. Evan guitar and lead vocals, Hayden bass, vocals and Liam drums. Founded in 2010 when the members were ten, nine, and seven, the band has seen much growth on a personal as well as musical level and writes songs at a level well beyond their years. The likes of Built To Spill, The Shins, and The Flaming Lips have served as inspiration for The Foresters and played a role in the formation of a new sound. Their youthful energy translates into their live show and allows them to connect with audiences of all ages. And with over four years performing, the three brothers are totally in sync with each other." -

"Johnny Mainstream is a four-piece Indie Rock and Americana act out of Central CT. Born in the Marist College dormitories of songwriter Matthew Maynes and bassist Dan Garaffa, Johnny Mainstream began writing honest folk songs inspired by Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, and Kevin Devine, but infused with the punk rock ideals on which each was raised." -


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